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Local Ingredients

With great care and respect for nature, we showcase the freshest produce, harvested from local farms and the surrounding mountains. From vibrant vegetables bursting with flavor to succulent local meats and fish, each ingredient tells a story of Hakuba's rich terroir. By incorporating these exceptional natural ingredients into our dishes, we not only honor the land but also aim to deliver a truly authentic dining experience.

The fusion of flavors that will take you on a journey.

Step into a realm where culinary boundaries dissolve, and flavors intertwine harmoniously. Immerse yourself in a tapestry of innovative dishes, crafted with passion and expertise, where each bite unveils a symphony of tastes.

Discover a new world of modern cuisine, where tradition meets innovation, and embark on a dining experience that transcends borders.

Absolute top dining experience at Hybrid. Every part of this foodie experience was flawless and exquisite, from the creative menu and mind blowing flavours, to the just right ambiance and truly excellent service. Incredible evening! Huge thanks to Lyoma and his fantastic team. Can’t wait to come back for more very soon!

– Sarah Mulholland

Wonderful creation of simple delicious ingredients, bringing out the full flavour. Great selection of unique boutique wines from all over the world. A great team of Friendly crew, great Omotenashi.

– AlexP Su

Superb! I had the source set for dinner. Everything was good prep and presentation of each dishes were well done. Cozy atmosphere with friendly staffs. There are many selection of beverages and alcohol. Thumbs up for this place. Amazing

– Bondi K

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We are currently closed. 

We are open during Winter season between December 15th 2023 to March 31st 2024.

Mon - Sun: 5pm - 10pm

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